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The following are last minute news you should be aware of ;-)

* 03/03/2020: The course is going to start soon ...

Course Aim & Organization

The objective of this course is to give an advanced presentation, i.e., a statistical perspective, of the techniques most used in artificial intelligence and machine learning for pattern recognition, knowledge discovery, and data analysis/modeling. The course will provide the basics of Regression, Classification, and Clustering with practical exercises using the Python language.


The course is composed by a blending of lectures and exercises by the course teacher and a teaching assistant.

Course Program

Techniques from machine and statistical learning are presented from a theoretical (i.e., based on statistics and information theory) and practical perspective through the descriptions of algorithms, the theory behind them, their implementation issues, and few examples from real applications. The course mostly follows the following book which is also available for download in pdf

Detailed course schedule

[...] WORK IN PROGRESS [...]

Course Evaluation

The course evaluation is composed by two parts:

  • HW: Homework with exercises covering the whole program
  • WE: A written examination covering the whole program