Cognitive Robotics

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I am the Teaching Assistant of the Cognitive Robotics course; the official site of the course is not maintained by me and it can be found here. On this page I am publishing the material of my lectures for this class but you can find those also on the official course page.

Course Aim & Organization


The course is composed by a blending of lectures and exercises by the course teacher and the teaching assistant:

Course Program

  • What is Soft Computing: fuzzy systems, neural networks, stochastic algorithms and models;
  • Fuzzy models: fuzzy sets, fuzzy logic, fuzzy rules, motivations for fuzzy modeling;
  • Neural networks: basics, supervised and unsuprvised learning, main modelsi, selection and evaluation;
  • Stochastic models: basics, optimization of models, fitness function, model definition, genetic algorithms, reinforcement learning, bayesian networks;
  • Applications: motivations, choices, models, case studies.

Teaching Material

Here you find a copy of the slide of the teaching assistant, the slides for the whole course are available here