3D Structure From Visual Motion

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Course Aim & Organization

This is a description page for the PhD course on 3D Structure from Visual Motion: Novel Techniques in Computer Vision and Autonomous Robots/Vehicles. It is meant to present modern techniques to simultaneously estimate the unknown motion of a camera while reconstructing the 3D structure of the observed world to be applied un scientific fields such as: 3D reconstruction, autonomous robot navigation, aerial/field surveying, unmanned vehicle maneuvering, etc.


Although formally entitled to just one of the teachers the course is held by (in order of appearance)

Course Schedule

  1. 21/05/2009 [14:30-18:30] Sala Seminari (DEI)*
    • Course introduction (M. Matteucci)
    • Projection model and projection matrix (V. Caglioti)

25/05/2009 [14:30-17:30] Sala Conferenze (DEI)

  • Correspondence analysis: tracking and ransac (D. Migliore)

29/05/2009 [14:30-18:30] Sala Conferenze (DEI)

  • Fundamental and Essential matrices (V. Caglioti)
  • Motion extraction and 3D reconstruction (V. Caglioti)
  • Visual odometry (V. Caglioti)

03/06/2009 [09:30-13:30] Sala Seminari (DEI)

  • Correspondences tracking and analysis(M. Marcon)
  • Combined estiamation of 3D structure and camera egomotion (M.Marcon)

05/06/2009 [14:30-18:30] Sala Seminari (DEI)

  • Perspective ambiguity (M. Marcon)
  • Non rigid structure from motion and Hierarchical Shape Priors (M. Marcon)
  • Implicit formulation (M. Marcon)

08/06/2009 [09:30-13:30] Sala Seminari (DEI)

  • Bayesian filtering (M. Matteucci)
  • SLAM Filter implementations (M. Matteucci)

12/06/2009 [09:30-13:30] Sala Seminari (DEI)

  • Monocular SLAM (M. Matteucci)

15/06/2009 [09:30-13:30] Aula PT1 (DEI)

  • Stereo SLAM (D. Migliore)
  • Omnidirectional SLAM (D. Migliore)
  • Omnidirectional Visual Odometry (V. Caglioti)

19/06/2009 [09:30-13:30] Sala Seminari (DEI)

  • Parallel Tracking and Mapping (M. Matteucci)
  • Course project discussion ...

22/06/2009 [09:30-13:30] Sala Seminari (DEI)

  • 3D without 3D: plenoptic methods, lumigraph, albedo, non Lambertian surfaces (M. Marcon)

Course Material & Referencies

The following is some suggested material to follow the course lectures.

Slides and lecture notes

Suggested Bibliography